About Us

Family Owned Business

We own the company. We are siblings. We share that same family bond, love and dedication with our clients. On every transaction. 

Unique Levels of Expertise

We are professionals in real estate, law, and architecture. We have the experience to meet all of your needs, at one time or another! Selling? Check. Buying? Check. Tenant issues? Check. Renovating? Check.

Tooting Our Own Horn

We admit it. We are likable. We are fun to work with. Yes, we take our clients' needs very seriously. But life is short, why not have the most possible fun doing it? 

Our Team

Janice (Vining) Lucas



Janice is a Team Leader who epitomizes Integrity, Energy, Hard Work and Creative Service in every detail and aspect of Residential Real Estate.

Having been Licensed in Massachusetts since 2007, and with over 15 years of experience Managing the Legal Aspect of Real Estate as Paralegal,  prior to this,  Janice has seen the full cycle of markets helping many customers achieve their goals.

Janice has built a reputation for her refreshingly friendly customer care and proven ability to guide Buyers to obtain the best value for their dream home, and to assist Sellers in a smooth, stress-free sale of their home.  

In her personal life:

Janice is a devoted mom of three, Mark 21, Rachel 19 and Richie 16, and when she is not attending one of their activities or events, you will often find her curled up with a good book,  enjoying an evening out with the love of her life or catching up with longtime friends and extended family.  

Kenneth C. Vining



As Primary Associate at Vining Law Office (www.vininglawoffice.com), Ken has had his office in the same location in Somerville for the past 20 years. Over the years, he has litigated housing disputes in District Court, Superior Court, Appeals Court, Supreme Judicial Court and Housing Court throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

Not only is Ken a specialist in housing matters as an Attorney but he is also a landlord dealing with his own tenants. As a result, his expertise in housing matters is not limited to the courtroom but also is one of a practical nature as he knows firsthand of the financial strain and headache a tenant issue can have on a landlord.

 Ken enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children, Rhodey and Annette. He is an avid hiker and enjoys both watching and playing hockey. His first love is the theater and you’d be hard pressed to find a broadway musical he hasn’t seen. He frequently visits New York to visit extended family and take in a show. 

John W. Vining



John brings 30 years of residential architectural design experience to Voila. He has built a reputation for providing exceptional design services throughout the Boston area and Cape & Islands (www.johnwvining.com). This extensive design experience and years as a licensed real estate agent,  coupled with his knowledge of mechanical and structural components of residential construction, has enabled John to  be an invaluable member of the Voilà team.

The decision to buy or sell a home may very well come down to John's first hand experience in residential design. Staying and renovating vs. selling and buying new is a strategic decision that may be determined by John's expertise and guidance.

John resides in Woburn with his wife Joanne, daughter Jessica and son Daniel.  He is an avid antique car enthusiast and enjoys working out with the November Project Boston Tribe.

Residential Real Estate, Landlord Tenant Law, Architecture, and ...Voilà! The Perfect Team!

 Voilà Residential Brokerage

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